We offer importers and exporters in the Port of Tampico, productivity, quality, security and confidence that requires the integral handling of goods. We operate 80% of the cargo of the port, since we offer a wide amount of port services for shipping lines and companies related to foreign trade.

TMU Terminal Portuaria


We have a wide operative versatility handling general cargo, containers, agricultural and mineral bulk in 8 docking positions in Docks 4 to 11, in 2 Controlled Enclosures. We also have ongoing training programs in maneuvers, safety, breakdowns, awareness and development of operational practices, for unionized, complementary and trustworthy personnel, which guarantee security in the handling of merchandise.

CICE Tampico


The only ones in Tampico with technology for the tracking of merchandise and control of inventories by scanning barcodes of JADE Logistics, which allows us to increase our operational productivity by reducing reading times, immediate data registration and piece by piece, blocking of packages not released export and sending electronic information of the information in a timely manner to the client.

Certification in ship loading and unloading of ships (containers, general cargo, pipe, agricultural bulk and mineral bulk) and cargo services (maneuvers) in ISO 9001 version 2015.


Your best option for integrated logistics.